0 Liquid illuminators - Benefit High Beam and MAC strobe cream

Both of these illuminators have pink undertones that are very similar to each other when swatched on the hand.

The main differences between these 2 liquid illuminators:
1. Benefit high beam is definitely thicker in texture than MAC strobe cream and gives higher shine and you only need VERY VERY little on this to enhance the cheekbone and t zone area)
2. MAC strobe cream can be used as a brightening make up base before make up (but use sparingly, Otherwise instead of glowy, you will look greasy) and has some hydrating properties that help to moisturise the skin

I do not have MAC strobe liquid, so I cannot compare the strobe cream to the strobe liquid though

How I like to use...
What I like to do for MAC strobe cream is that sometimes i do squeeze out a little from the tube and mix it with my liquid foundations, so that my liquid foundation will give a subtle illuminating effect. Of course, you can use it seperately before the foundation. But I find that this is less effective then adding on to my liquid foundation.

As for Benefit high beam, as it doesn't come in a squeeze tube like MAC strobe cream and also cos it is much more metallic than strobe cream, I don't mix it with my liquid foundation. I only selectively use it on my cheek bone area. I use the applicator to dab a feel dots on my cheek area and then blend it out using my fingers in dabbing motion.

Would suggest / recommend that the liquid illuminators be used after LF and just before powder

One thing to note that if u wanna highlight your cheek bones after powder, then do not use the liquid illuminators, because if not done well, it will make your base make up patchy. For such purpose, I would prefer the MAC cream color base such as pearl over powder make up for highlighting. 

Benefit high beam applicator
From left to right: Benefit high beam, MAC strobe cream

If your skin is very oily, I would not recommend liquid illuminators for highlighting. But if u still wan a dewy look, then you can try cream highlighters instead, but as I always like to say, Less is more. So use it moderately.
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