0 MAC Heroine lip pencil

It is so hard to find a purple / magenta lip pencil over here in my country. Either they are all too PLUM or too pink. So when MAC released this lip pencil, I had to have this becoz it is just the perfect shade of magenta purple for my MAC lipsticks like Violetta, Daddy's Little Girl and Outrageously fun (All magenta purple / pink).

I had initially bought 2 as I think I am goin to run through this pretty fast. But my mum saw it and loved the color too and hence had to surrender one to her. Looks like I gotta conserve using this color :X :X I do hope one day though, MAC will come out with a PURE Royal purple lip pencil coz although Heroine is beautiful, it still has some pink undertones to it. 

Nevertheless, I love this lip pencil and hope MAC will make this permanent. This is LE from MAC'S Tropical taboo collection. Some people say this is quite close to MAC's magenta lip pencil but our counters don't carry that here and I don't own it so i can't compare this to magenta lip pencil.  But if u are a purple / magenta lippie fan, u ought to own this color
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