0 MAC Archie girls haul part II - lipsticks

Sorry for this very very very late post. I was supposed to post this way earlier but due to some circumstances I was unable to post swatches and the pics of the lippies I bought till now. Anyway, better late than never. Here are the four lipsticks I bought from this collection:

From left to right: Girl Next Door, Daddy's little girl, Betty Bright, Ronnie Red

Swatches and lip swatches taken on my hp camera, Many apologies for the low resolution.

Betty Bright (Satin): A gorgeous opaque color of coral pink. Looks nice with minimal or strong eye make up. Definitely good for every day wear.

Daddy's Little Girl (Satin): The perfect magenta pink with some purple undertones lipstick for me. Being a satin finish, I need to apply a layer of balm below otherwise it will be a bit drying on me. But overall, this lipstick applies smoothly and evenly on me and I only need a layer of it for this to show out. It's a beautiful color, a beautiful magenta pink lipstick and I would repurchase this again and again. This would work well for ladies of all skintone.

Ronnie Red (Matte): A tad more pinky and darker than Russian red. It's also blue-toned red But i very much prefer this to Russian Red. Somehow what and somehow, Russian red seems a bit more dryer on me than Ronnie Red. In fact, I feel that Ronnie Red feels more satiny rather than matte. Applies very smooth and evenly. I would say Ronnie Red is a Cross between MAC red (which is more cherry red) and Russian red.

Sorry I didn't post pic of Girl next door on my lips, coz it went on so uneven and patchy that I find it too gross to upload it >.< despite me applying lipbalm and keep reapplying to no avail :X

Girl Next Door (Lustre): Looks very nice in the tube.... BUT .... when i applied, I found that this went on VERY uneven and no matter how many times i tryed to layer it, it just did not went on evenly and smoothly on my lips EVEN though this is  a lustre finish and usually I have NO problems with MAC's lustre finish lipsticks. I guess that this is one of the misses then. I tried using a concealer below it, but it did not work for me as well as it totally changed the color of this lipstick - made it look more white and pale than how it actually was.  I might have to try MAC's prep plus prime lip to see if it works for me or not. But for now, I'm sorry to say, but this lip color just doesn't work for me. I would go for Saint germain anytime over this. 

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