0 Cinema Secrets Oil free foundation primer

Prior to using this, I was using MAC's prep plus prime skin base visage for many yrs and was contented with it till my friend who was a free lance make up artist recommended me this. 

As compared to MAC'S prep plus prime skin base visage, this has a thicker and more silica feel to it. But the smoothening effect of the skin is definitely way much better than MAC's prep plus prime skin base. Only a little is needed for this product and it will help the foundation to glide on and blend in more smoothly into the skin, thus reducing usage of foundation. 

- Smooths out skin texture very well
- Minimizes the look of open pores
- Has pretty good oil control - I don't have to touch up my T-zone often

- Has a pretty thick silica texture => Not advisable to use with other silica loaded foundations as it can get a bit too powdery when too much silica products are loaded on the face. I use this with my moisturising foundations such as MAC's face and body and MAC's bb cream. But when I'm using my Giorgo armani face fabric foundation, I will still use my MAC prep plus prime skin as the face fabric foundation has also somewhat of a silica feel and texture to it. 
- More pricey than MAC's prep plus prime skin base Visage

Would recommend this for people with combination to oily skin. Ladies with drier skin would do better with MAC's prep plus prime skin base. 

Would repurchase again as it helps my moisturising liquid foundations to last longer on me. And i loveee the smooth texture of it on my skin

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