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For those make up / beauty junkies out there, do u girls keep an inventory list of the products that u have and how much have u spent??? I keep track of mine using a spreadsheet, by Brand, Product, Texture/Type , Color, Price. If anyone has a better suggestion feel free to let me know, But as of now, this is how I am keeping track of the stuff that I have and hopefully to deter me from buying more - But looks like its not working haha! If u have a better idea on how to better organize my cosmetics inventory list, pls feel free to drop me a comment and share with me on how u keep track of ur cosmetics 

These are screenshots of 2 of the sheet in my inventory (one MAC blushers and the other MAC eyeshadows). This is the best i can do for now. Am not a very tech savvy person. But at least it helps me to keep track of the stuff that I have.

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