0 MAC All About Orange lipsticks - Sushi Kiss and Tangerine dream

I personally love the color orange. So I had to buy something from this collection and ended up with 5 lipsticks (Tangerine Dream, Sushi Kiss, Flamingo, Sweet and Sour and Tart and Trendy) and 2 blushers in Royal sunset and Honey jasmine.

I will break my reviews and pics up into 2 parts so that it will be easier for you guys to read through

Here are swatches of the lipsticks (Pics taken from my facebook which I had earlier uploaded a few days back):

Picture of me wearing Sushi kiss lipstick and royal sunset blush

Sushi Kiss: It's a satin finish lipstick and as with all satin finish lipsticks from MAC, I have to apply lip balm before hand otherwise it can get a bit drying. It's quite a nice color, but definitely it's not a color which u can wear bare face with no make up. some eye make up is required for this lip color

Tangerine Dream: This has to be one of my favourite color from this collection (other than Tart and Trendy). It's a very warm yellow orange and I can get away wearing this with minimal make up without making me look washed out. If ur lips are darker, I would recommend u to pair this with a darker shade of lipliner like MAC's chicory (an orangy red) or What a Blast! pro longwear lip pencil in order to define the lips without looking washed out. A close dupe for this color in MAC's regular range has to be Sheer mandarin sheen supreme lipstick. A very similar color but more creamier than Tangerine Dream. Being a lustre finish, this lipstick is towards the sheer side and layering is needed in order for the color to appear better
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