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I collect more of the actual make up products themselves rather than brushes, but nevertheless, I believe that in achieving the perfect look, good brushes are indispensable. Though I don't have as many brushes as some people out there, but I believe that the ones I currently own are more than enough for my own personal use. Do note that all MAC full sized brushes (the ones that are sold seperately on their own) are hand sculpted and not machine made as with the travel size ones and are manufactured in either Japan or France. Hence, the price difference btw the travel brush sets and the full sized brushes.

The current face brushes I own from MAC are:
109 brush
130 brush
131 brush
188 brush
187 brush
168 brush
129 brush x 3 (I use this very often so I have 3 of this)
116 brush

109 Brush
It  has a short, firm round brush head with a flat surface that's excellent for buffing on powder products on to the face. And because of it's firmness, it's also very good for applying contour/bronzing powder on specific areas on the face. I personally prefer this to the 168 for applying contour/bronzing powder as the bristles are more densely packed and provides for specific application. I find the 168 can be a bit too flufly for my likin at times.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic. Close up pic of the brush head of #109

130 Brush
I bought this brush when it was released with MAC's To the beach collection. Like its counterparts 187 and 188 brush, it's a strippling brush aka fibre optic brush that's made of both natural and synthetic hair (black part being the natural hair and white part being the synthetic hair). As compared to the 188 brush, #130 is much shorter and the bristles are more densely packed together. It's excellent for applying cream or liquid products on specific areas (either bronzing or highlighting products) with higher color payoff due to the firmer and denser  brush bristles of it

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic. Close up pic of the brush head of 130

188 brush
It's the mini version of the famous 187 brush. I very much prefer this than the 187. I mean yes, the 187 is good, but the brush head is a tad too big for applying cream blushers or powder blusher for me. And definitely for smaller areas like under the eye and corners next to the nose, I would still have to use the 188 brush for applying foundations in these areas as the 187 well, is jus too big for my face. LOL. Basically, the 188 is very good for apply both cream and powder blushers (only use this for very pigmented  powder blushers though, because of the not so dense bristles, it will pick up very little color to give a natural look on the face. If u use this for non pigmented powder blushers, you will have to apply lots of layers before seeing any hint of color on the face). I also love using the 188 for applying liquid foundation all over the face. It's not too small for me. It's just the right size for me. 

Clicked for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic. Close up pic of the brush head of #188

188 Brush
Good for applying liquid products and also pigmented blushers. But I find this brush a tad too big for my face, So i find myself hardly using this as compared to it's counterpart #188 which I very much prefer. But then again it depends on personal preference, many other people love this brush though.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged pic. Close up of #187 brush head

131 brush
It's a flat head fibre optic strippling brush which is excellent for applying liquid foundation. Because of it's flat head, it's pretty easy to use this on smaller areas of the face like next to the nose and the under eyes.

Click for enlarged pic

129 Brush
Made from natural pony bristles, this brush is good for applying both powder foundation (or loose powder  for that matter) and blushers. Its  a pretty useful brush to have and that explains why I have 3 of this as compared to only 1 brush of each for the rest.

116 Brush
Has a much smaller brush head than the 129 brush, meant for specific blush application on the specific area of the cheeks. If u find the 129 brush too big for applying blush, try using the 116.

168 Brush
It's a slanted angle face brush good for applying both blushers and bronzing powders. But it's a tad too fluffy for my liking honestly.

Click for enlarged pic

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