0 MAC All about orange lipsticks - Flamingo, Sweet & Sour, Tart & Trendy

As promised, Part 2 of my All about Orange lipstick haul / swatches and reviews.

Flamingo lipstick (Lustre): This is a repromote from one of Mac's previous collection which I missed becoz it wasn't launched in my country. It's a pretty shade of pink with just the slightest hint of coral (Eh is this orange @ all in the first place? @.@ ) Needs to be build up for a few layers for the colors to be seen though, So for ladies with very pigmented lips this may not appear unless u use a lip concealer below. But it is a very nice wearable shade for daily wear.

Sweet and sour (Cremesheen): One of my least favourite from this collection. It's a nude coral beige and requires a slightly stronger than usual eye make up in order to carry this off or with a darker shade of lip liner. I personally feel MAC's cremesheen formulas are either a Hit or miss. This unfortunately happens to be one of the misses for me. It goes on uneven and patchy on me even after i apply lip balm and blot it off. I had to wipe off several times and reapply just to take this lip swatch .

Tart and Trendy (Lustre): Goes on very smoothly onto the lips and appear quite well with 2 layers of the lipsticks. Works well for all skintones from fair to dark. MAC's saigon summer (cremesheen) from the regular range looks similar to this, but Tart and Trendy is just a tad more red and darker than Saigon Summer which is like an in between of Tangerine Dreams and Tart and Trendy.

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