0 My make up collection part II - MAC eyeshadows (palettes, quads and singles)

I am a jack of all trades when it comes to collecting make up, but a master in none. Meaning I collect everything and anything from MAC, but I don't have too many of items of each category from MAC. I guess that i have quite a substantial amount of MAC shadows, but definitely not as many as some girls i know of out there. But still these e/s are enough to last me a lifetime. =)

15 Pan palettes
Click for enlarge pic.

Single e/s (these are not back ups.. I never buy repeats of e/s as I know i won't finish them)
Click for enlarged pic

If u are wondering why I never depot the e/s above, the reason is because some are in special package and also because I am too lazy to depot. 

Eye quads
 Click for enlarge pic (last two quads on the bottom right row are customized quads which i mix and matched myself. The rest are all pre made quads from MAC)

Mineralized eyeshadows
Click for enlarge pic
From left to right, top to bottom: 
1. Pink split,  family silver, sea & Sky, Cinderfella, She who dares
2. Fresh green mix, Two to glow, odd couple, Either, ??? pink MES (I forgot, have to double check the name lol!), My Dark magic
3. Tectonic, Devil may care, Burning Ambition/Illusionary, Bright side gallery gal, Little madame, Lovestone
4. Quarry, Mercurial, Whim, Style influencer, Love to Love, Noble

Peacocky eyeshadows
 Click for enlarged pic
From left to right, top to bottom:
1. Peek at you, Dalliance, Tweet me, Paparazz-she
2. Prance, Top of posh, Mating call, Sexpectations
3. Ego, Odalisque, Danziette, Noir Plum

Eye palettes
Click for enlarged pic
Not in any order: Valiant palette (green palette), Lady justice palette (blue palette), Ornamentalism palette, Intense eye palette, Patternmaker warm palette, Dress camp palette,  Infatuating rose palette, Intriguing scarlette, palette, Devoted poppy palette, Patternmaker cool maker, 6 Reelers n rockers palette, 6 Twists of tartan palette, Magic, mirth n mischief palette in cool eyes palette, Color forms palette - cool

Plus some miscellaneous e/s which i forgot to include
From left to right, Dazzlelight, Bright sunshine (pro), Sour Lemon (pro), Bottle green (pro), Purple haze. The 3 e/s are now living in my blush palette awaiting their new home cause our local mac counter is still oos of the empty 4 pan palette.


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