0 My make up collection part 4 - MAC eyeshadow base and eye liners

Eyeshadow bases
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Left to right, Top to bottom:
1. Quick flash richmetal highlighter, Vintage selection paintpot, Rubenesque pp, 
2. Rose bullion rich metal highlighter, Bare study pp, Chilled on ice pp, Dangerous curvee pp

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From top to bottom:
B greasepaint stick, Nurture Shadestick, Sea me shadestick, Shimmersand shadestick, Corn shadestock, Lucky jade shadestick, Untitled paint, Chartru paint, Canton Candy paint.

I miss the good ol paints :( they have so much better texture and color pay off than the paintpots and they don't dry up so easily too :( Bring back the paints pls... 

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From top to bottom, left to right
1. Shade f/l, brassy f/l, Delineate fl, New weed f/l, Sweet sage f/l, Blue peep f/l
2. Graphic brown f/l, Non conformist f/l, Jadeye r/l, Lithograph f/l, Delphic f/l, Ivy f/l, Blacktrack f/l
I love love love MAC's fluidlines. They are so easy to draw and doesn't smudge on my hidden lids. Blacktrack is my Holy grail liner for everyday wear. 

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From left to right, top to bottom
1. Feline eyekhol, Petrol blue pearl glide liner, Permaplum powerpoint, Engraved ppt, Designer pearlglide liner, Undercurrent pearl glide liner, So there jade ppt, Out to sea ppt, Almost Noir & Industrial pearl glide liners, Minted eyekohl, Prussian ppt, Float on by eye kohl, Stubborn brown ppt

2. Greenplay liquidlast, Pop Iris liquidlast, Dressed khaki liquidlast, Aqualine liquidlast, Blue herizon liquidlast, peacocked glitter eye liner.

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