0 MAC pro e/s - Bright sunshine, Bottle green & Sour Lemon

Recently, My mum made a trip to London to visit my bro over there and as we have no MAC pro store over in my country, I got her to CP my some MAC pro products amongst which are 3 pro pan refill e/s in Bright sunshine (a vibrant bright yellow with a beautiful sheen to it), bottle green (Somewhat reminds me of plumage e/s but I find the texture of bottle green to be more blendable than plumage) and Sour Lemon (a hot yellowish green e/s)

I am pleased to say that I am in LOVE with all 3 mac pro colors. ESPECIALLY BRIGHT SUNSHINE. It's so hard to find a YELLOW that's of a good texture with good color payoff. I foresee myself using Bright sunshine very often. In fact, ever since i gotten this e/s I have already used this several times. I love pairing this with either greens or oranges and pinks and purples for a more colorful e/s look. If u love colorful e/s, Bright sunshine e/s is a MUST have in your collection.

From left to right: Bottle green, Sour Lemon and Bright sunshine e/s


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