0 My make up collection part 10 - Miscellaneous MAC lipstuff

Phew, this is the final part of my MAC make up collection and this is not even ALL of my make up collection.... Will post my make up collection from  other brands up soon

Lipstain markers
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From left to right: Tomorrow's coral, Purposefully red, Runway Ripened, Full of Flare, A Classic, Stylesetter .......................These lipstain markers really STAIN the lips!

Lip conditioner & lip palette
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Cleo's coral kiss, Daisy Daze, Miss Bunny, Popster tlc, and a lip palette from antiquitiease...
I am not really a lip person as u can see. I don't have much lip make up. But i do admit I am a strong weakness for cheek products. Next post will be on my make up from other brands. That wraps up about what I currently have from MAC.

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