0 MAC Wonderwoman face products - Blush powders and MSFs

After waiting for ages, this collection was finally launched @ my local mac counters. Being a sucker for face / cheek products, I bought both msfs and both blush powders, 2 colored mascaras (the purple and the green one, I may be goin back to buy the blue one), 1 lipstick in marquise D and lipgloss in Emancipation. This is Part one of my Wonderwoman pics and swatches - face products. As i'm pretty ill recently, I may be a bit slow in updating my blog, pls forgive.

Packaging of the blush powder
Click for enlarged pic.

Click for enlarged swatch pic. Amazon Princess blush powder

Click for enlarged pic. Mighty Aphrodite blush powder

Love love love Mighty Aphrodite blush powder. The red side might look really pigmented, but when swatched, it's actually pretty sheer. This blush duo gives a very nice rosy pink flush on the cheeks. Love love love  this.

Comparison pic of size of Wonderwoman msf vs the normal msf (The wonderwoman msf is 20g ....)

Pink Power MSF. Click for enlarged pic

Pink powder msf swatch. Click for enlarged pic

Golden Lariat MSF. Click for enlarged pic

Golden Lariat MSF Swatch. Click for enlarged pic

I personally find that the colored parts of the Wonderwoman msfs are a bit too frosty to be used as blush colors by themselves, but they make beautiful highlighting colors over other blushers. Golden Lariat msf is especially a very versatile msf, it's both a bronzing product and highlighting product at the same time. Would highly all to get Golden Lariat msf, It works for all skintones although for fairer skin ladies they would have to use with a lighter hand


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