6 My make up collection part 6 - MAC cream and powder blushers

Cream color bases and cream blushers

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From left to right, top to bottom
1. Virgin isle CCB, Movie star red CCB, Tickle me pink CCB, Madly magenta CCB
2. Joie D Vivre, Optimistic orange, So Sweet So Easy, Florida
3. Ladyblush, Sweet William, Lune, Maidenchant

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From left to right: Brit wit, Ladyblush

Powder blushers

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From left to right, top to bottom
1. Smile, Pink swoon, Don't be shy, Fashion Frenzy
2. Well Dressed, Sweetness, Her blooming cheek, Full fuschia
3. Cute, Rose hip/ blossum up duo

Muave/ pink brown blushers
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From left to right, top to bottom:
1. Petalpoint, True romantic, Coygirl, Breath of plum
2. Dame, Mocha, Stray rose, Stark naked
3. Darkly my dear, Prim & Proper, Desert Rose, Blushbaby
4. Secret blush

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From left to right, top to bottom
1. Plum foolery, Flirt n Tease, Fab
2. All's good, Dirty plum

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From left to right, top to bottom
1. Foolish Me, Desirious, Joyous, Overprint
2. Fleur power, Instant chic, Hipness,  Goddess
3. Devil
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From left to right, top to bottom
1. Personal style, Garb, Tenderling, Style
2. Sincere, Eversun, Gingerly, Coppertone
3. Peaches, Springsheen, Peachykeen, Sunbasque

Other miscellaneous blushers which i forgot to include ....
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From left to right, top to bottom
1. Golden kitty / primkin duo, Bite of an apple, Tippy
2. Dollymix, Spaced out, Fun and games

Blush palette
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Palette on left: Raizin, dark powder from hello kitty couture, Margin
Top palette:
1. Strada, Cubic Prism
2. Cantaloupe, Melba, Pinch me
Bottom palette:
1. Apple red, Frankly scarlet, Salsarose
2. Azalea, Rhubarb, Angel

Click for enlarged pic
From left to right: My highland honey, Overdyed


Ik said...

wow thats quite a collection. Would you please tell me how long have you had this collection? cause I've been in love with blushes and I want to get a few but I know I cant use them up in an year oir two. and MAC is quite expensive in India. I wouldn't want to throw it away in an year. I have 2 blushes right now Bite of and apple and frankly scarlet. I want to get Maelba, Fleur Power Peach Twist and Posey. But for how long can I have them without them getting ruined?

Makeupaddict said...

Oops..sorry for takin so long to reply. I only just saw your comment. Some of my oldest blushers are about 4 to 5yrs old and I am still using them with no problems. (although it's not really advisable haha) Powder blushers generally last longer than cream blushers. For cream blushers, I would recommend a max of 2 or 2.5yrs. But if cream blushers change in color or texture before that, u gotta throw it out. For powder blushers like melba, fleur power, Peacetwist, They can definitely last for 4yrs with no problem. But cream blushes like posey...max 2 or 2.5yrs..and also depending on where u store ur make up as well. Try to store them in a dry place in drawer or cabinet away from sunlight and make sure it's dry

vanessarm818 said...

Hi,I love your blog and absolutely admire your blush collection,I was wondering wld you say style isn a dupe for foolish me,and is Mac amazon princess,from the Ww collection a good dupe for sweetness? Sorry I have been longing for those blushes,but it's hard to get since they been discontinued. Thnx. Wld really love to hear your input. Xoxo

Makeupaddict said...

Nope, style is definitely not a dupe for Foolish Me. Foolish me is leaning more towards the coral side, whereas Style, I would describe it leaning more towards Sunbasque kinda color....bordering on bronzy peach. I would describe Style as a inbetween color between Sunbasque and Springsheen.

I find Sweetness to be more pigmented than MAC amazon Princess and the texture more smooth than Amazon Princess. Amazon princess has a slight purplish undertone to it I ... but sweetness is a cool light pink ...at least.

Sorry for taking ages to reply as i only saw ur comment now...

vanessarm818 said...

Thanks a bunch,love your blog and all your reviews/comparisons. Love your stash. Xoxo

Makeupaddict said...

No problem babe. Thanks for liking my blog and i'm a total blush addict as u can see dat a huge part of my collection consist of blushers :P :P

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