0 MAC Wonderwoman eye palettes & Mascaras

Part II of my Wonderwoman haul - eye products.
There were 3 eye palettes released with the collection, but I only bought the blue (lady justice) and the green (Valiant) as i am a sucker for blue and greens e/s even though I have dozens of them already

Although general consensus and reviews of the palettes with the collection this time round is not very pigmented, but I still find them to be workable even without a eye primer (especially for the darker colors in each of the palettes.) I am generally happy with the 2 palettes, but of course in each of the palette, there is one e/s where it really needs lots of work for it to show. Without further ado, here are pics of the eye palettes

 Packaging of the eye palettes. Click for enlarged pic

Valiant e/s palette. From left to right: Manila Paper (VP), Valiant (Frost), Diana Undercover (Satin), Spinning Transformation.  Click for enlarged pic

 From left to right: Manila Paper, Valiant, Diana Undercover & Spinning Transformation. Click for enlarged pic

Generally, I love all the colors in this palette. I only have a tiny problem with Valiant e/s. It is a beautiful green with lots of yellow golden undertones to it, but it needs work for it to appear, Would highly recommend a e/s base for this particular color. All the other 3 colors in this palette are smooth, blendable and pigmented. Spinning Transformation kinda reminds me of a cross between sumptious olive and tempting e/s - a khaki brown e/s. It's a very wearable color.

 Lady Justice palette. From left to right: Lady Justice (Frost), Insurmountable (Veluxe), Deep Truth (Frost), Bold babe (Frost). Click for enlarged pic

From left to right: Lady Justice, Insurmountable, Deep Truth, Bold Babe, Click for enlarged pic

With the deep truth e/s in this palette, this brings the total no of deep truth e/s that i have to 3. LOL. I have one single, one in the shadowy lady quad and now this palette. But i like the combination of the colors in this palette thus i buy it. The only color that is hard to work with in this palette is Insurmountable, the greyish one. It's really light, and yeah, eye primer is definitely needed for this one. Am loving Bold babe e/s, It's in the same family of MAC's birds and berries and love lace e/s but not as dark as those 2 colors (refer to my MAC Blue / teal e/s for swatches of those 2 e/s colors)

Colored mascaras
I particularly like the green one (Army of Amazons) and the blue one (Themystirca). The purple one looks nice, but on my dark lashes, It doesn't really appear even with a white base primer like the prep plus prime lash and prep plus prime translucent loose powder. I guess the purple will appear better on ladies with lighter lash color.

Themystirca mascara (sorry for wrong spelling! I always forget how to spell this particular name of this mascara :x )

 Army of Amazon mascara. I love love love this teal colored mascara. I love anything Teal... <3

 Victorious mascara

 Swatches of the three colored opulash mascaras


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