2 The Faceshop Raspberry Roots sleeping mask

For the benefit of those babes who are not living in asia, The Faceshop is a popular Korean beauty brand sold in most parts of Asia. It is known mostly for their wide range of sheet masks and their most famous skincare product - the Raspberry roots sleeping mask

P/S  This pic is taken from another website and wasn't taken by me. I am too lazy to take a photo of mine :X .... Many apologies.

I love the raspberry roots sleeping mask and this is my 2nd bottle. However, I prefer the packagin of the first bottle. Stupid me still cannot figure how to make the pump of this new bottle work to pump out the contents. Looks like i gotta go back to the shop to ask for help :x

Key Ingredients: Soybean extra, Sesame seed extract, Rice bran extract, sunflower seed extract, Castor oil, Raspberry root extract

Benefits: Himalayan Raspberry roots and grain extracts optimize elasticity and tighten pores while thoroughly hydrating and replenishing skin of lost nutrients. Additions of plant extracts promotion natural secretion of pleasure inducing beta endorphins and stimulate the forumlation of collagen for more youthful skin

Comment: Yep yep, it really works. After leaving the mask on overnight, my skin feels much smoother and firmer the next day and highly plumped and hydrated. Although it says it's a sleeping mask, it doesn't feel like your typical mask at all. It feels very comfortable and lightweight on the skin. It also has a very nice light scent to it. Would totally repurchase this again. However, I wished they would change back to the old packaging.


Anonymous said...

where did you get yours on online?

Makeupaddict said...

I got mine from a The Face Shop. They have shops in the country where i live.

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