0 MAC Pink / muave blushers - Part II

Part II of My MAC pink / muavey blushers. All items denoted with a * are Limited edition  and may no longer available. ** denotes discontinued items.

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Well Dressed (Satin): One of my all time favourite pink blushers from MAC, this is the perfect sweet cool toned pink blush for fair skinned ladies with no red or muavey undertone to it. Color intensity is sheer to medium.

Dame (Satin): Also of the same finish as Well dressed, if you find well dressed too light and Pink swoon too bright, I would suggest this shade to u. It may look a bit muavey in the pan, but it goes on a rosy pink on the face and not as muavey as it may look like in the pan.. Suitable for all skin tones

True Romantic (Beauty powder blush)*: Fair skinned ladies have to be light handed with this color as it has quite a lot of muavey undertones to it and over applyin it may give a bruised look. Works very well on medium to dark skintones. Used light handedly, it will give a nice rosy flush on the face minus the muavey color that's pretty obvious in the pan.

Petalpoint (Frost)* : Looks lighter on the face when applied than in the hand. But being a frost blush, it may look very frosty on the face if over applied. Will not recommend ladies with oily skin this one, as the frostiness in the blush is pretty obvious even if used with a light hand.

Coygirl (Sheertone)*: Looks very muavey and dark in the pan, but when applied, it gives a very nice rosy color to the cheers. Suitable for most skintones.


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