1 MAC Pink / muave blushers - Part III

Part III of my MAC pink / muave blushers swatches. All items denoted with a * are Limited edition  and may no longer available. ** denotes discontinued items.

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged swatch pic

Angel ** (Discontinued): Come on MAC! Why did u have to dc this color. The only really light cool pink blush that's left now in the regular collection is well dressed. and although as much as i love well dressed, I love my angel blush as well. It can work well on fair to medium skintones (Well dressed can look a tad unnatural on darker skintones). Pls bring back Angel!!!

Cute** (Discontinued): This is really really light and  work only on fair skintones. On my NC20 skin, I had to swipe this color several times before it appeared on my cheeks. It's a nice baby pink, but I still prefer my well dressed to it as it has better color payoff.

Stray Rose (Matte)*: Has a slightly orangey tone to it. Perfect for ladies who like pink blushers but not overly cool pink. Works well on all skin tones.

Blushbaby (Sheertone): Looks really brownish in the pan, but it ain't look as dark as it is in the pan, comes out more of a brownish pink on the cheeks. May be used as a contouring color for fair skinned ladies and as a blush for medium to darker skintones. Looks very natural on the face. It's nowhere as brown lookin as it looks in the pan

Mocha (Matte): The perfect natural dusty rose pink for darker skinned ladies.Will not turn ashy. Suits fairer skintones as well. This is one  blush that is really universal.

Desert Rose (Matte): Suitable for all skintones, but fair skin ladies have to apply this with a light hand as this is a pretty pigmented color and yes, it may turn out to be as dark as the color in the pan if not used with a light hand.


Brianne said...

Hi! I came upon your blog while googling a dupe for mac stray rose. It is one of my favorite colors and I'm trying to find a similar color. Do you think cargo catalina or Mac stay pretty look similar? Thanks!

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