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I am a blush addict and most of my friends know that. Other than MAC's blushers, another of my favourite brand for blushers is Shu Uemura. Their blushers are smooth and long lasting. The main difference between MAC's and Shu's blushers is that Shu's blushers is somewhat more soft in color and gives a natural sweet / dolly kinda look.

To be honest, most of the lighter pinks and peaches are probably too light to be used on ladies with darker skins (NC42 and above) For darker skin ladies, I would still recommend blushers from MAC / Bobbi Brown / Nars as they would appear on more on darker skin ladies. I personally find that Japanese brand blushers tend to be more sheer and less pigmented than Western brands and mainly cater to ladies with fair to medium skintone.

Below are the pics of Shu's blushers which I currently own. My favourite has to be Sakura, a very nice natural dolly pink. But unfortunately that's Limited edition. So i'm trying not to use it too often :X

Click for enlarged pic

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Amongst the 4 pink shades here, P Pink 30 and Antique Pink are the only ones which will appear on most skin tones. M Pink 33E and Sakura are really nice as well, but imho only will appear on lighter skins

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I think Shu Uemura makes really good peach blushers. They are very natural and soft in color and does NOT turn orange on me at all unlike some peach blushers I have tried. Although they call P Pink 36D a pink, but I find  that it's leaning more towards the peach side rather than pink even though it has some pink undertones in it.

Click for enlarged pic

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My overall rating for Shu's blushers?
Price: 3.5 (Expensive but I like the colors )
Packaging: 4 (I like the clear plastic packaging, It's compact and easy to bring out)
Quality: 4
Would I repurchase again: Yep...definitely yes. If u like the natural sweet flush kinda cheek color, You'll probably like shu's blushers


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