0 "No Brand" eyeshadow palette

Bought this palette and 2 other palettes from a friend seling them. It's very cheap and value for money which is basically after conversion about USD27 dollar. The palette contains 21 eyeshadow colors and 5 blush colors.

I bought this palette mainly because they are all matte colors and I hardly have any mattes in my collection (I have a few matte e /s by MAC, but most of my MAC e/s are with some frost finish or pearly finish to them and I find that many - Not all though, of MAC's matte are pretty hard to blend and not as intense as they look like in the pan).

And i've to say that I'm pretty pleased with the palette most of the colors have pretty good color pay off, with the exception of 2 or 3 colors. But what else can u ask for when this palette costs only USD27 dollars for 21 eye colors and 5 blush colors? It's good for people who are on a budget for cosmetics..... It's prefectly safe to use - I have tried a few colors in it and so far no problem. I've swatched the colors of the eye in the palettes, but haven't swatched the 5 blush colors in it yet....

Click for enlarged pic

Click for enlarged swatch pic

Click for enlarged swatch pic

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