0 China Glaze Nail polish in Turned up Turqoise (Neon)

When I first laid eyes on this color, I fell in love with this color and bought it as I am a big time lover of turqoise nail polishes. It is summer all time round in my country and I would so wear this color @ anytime @ anywhere.

Texture / color payoff:  It is a MATTE finish. Without my MAC overlacquer, It looked like I had just used some marker to color my nails. And I need at least 3 coats of this nail polish for it to be opaque. But it is a gorgeous color once a top coat is layered out it to give it more shine. It looks more green in real life than in this picture though. Some how my handphone cam and even my digital cam jus cannot capture the green in this gorgeous turqoise nail polish.

Time to dry: Relatively fast to dry as colored to regular nailpolishes as it is a matte finish

Lasting power: Average. Most nail polishes last at the most 2 days on me before they get chipped as I'm always using my nails to open stuff @ work.

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