0 Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheeks

For those who are have not heard or seen this brand before, it is a Japanese brand of cosmetics that is very popular in Asian countries, particularly in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. It is sort of like a western equivalent of a drugstore brand, but to be honest, their pricing are not really drugstore prices. 

Would say the pricing is more of mid range. I do think their products are kinda overraved, but I couldnt help get sucked in by the cute packaging of their blushers. They look like tin shaped maracoons...awww so cute and yummilicious looking that I had to buy them. Besides, the colors are quite nice as well, so why not? (But I still stick to my stand that their other products are over raved. hahahaha. No offence to Majolica Majorca fans though!)

Here is the packaging of the blushers. Cute right??? =))

And they all come with a cute little puff in them too, though I wont be using the puff for applying the colors

Color payoff : Sheer to medium buildable. Of the 3 shades, OR302 is the only matte shade with no glitter. The other 2 RD 414 (Coral) and PK 415 (Muave pink) have some slight silver glitter in them. 

Lasting power : Lasted on me for about 6 hours on my cheek area which is more dry than the T-zone. Faded slightly after that, but  still acceptable. 

Pricing : SGD $23 for 7g worth of product. Would be cheaper in Japan, but not sure by how much.

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