0 MAC Tropical Taboo Mineralized Skin finishes

Wanted so badly to buy the Skinfinishes and the mineralized blushers from this collection, but alas, unfortuntely, due to a delay in shipment, our local counters won't be receiving the Mineralized blushers and most of the MES yet (hopefully soon). Anyway, better than nothing, I managed to lay my hands on Rio, Lust and Adored MSFs. I already had Soft and Gentle from the regular range. Gold deposit was too dark for my NC20 skintone, so I skipped that. Here are the pics and swatches of the MSFs.

Do note in generally all the Skinfinishes in Tropical taboo have very high metallic shine, so Less is more is needed for this product otherwise, well U will end up with a VERY metallic looking cheek. And due to the sheer color pigmentation of the msfs, I would recommend these to be used as highlighters over blushers, with the exception of Rio msf where the Brown part can still be used as a slight contour on the face and the pink part as highlighters. 

I tried using Rio it as a cheek color by mixing the 2 colors, but the pink overpowered the brown and my cheeks looked way too shiny XD. I would probably use the brown alone seperately as a bronzer instead of mixing with the pink instead

As for Adored msf, I intentionally chose one with more seperate orange tones in it so that i could hopefully use it as cheek color. This works well as a light blush color for fair to medium skin tones but not anything more than that as if I layer too much of it, the frostiness shows through. 

I would say Lust would work better for Ladies with medium to darker skintones. Fair skin ladies have to use this sparingly to avoid looking bruise. It kinda reminds me of a less intense version of Brunette MSF from Blonde Brunnette, Red head though. See here for comparison swatches. This would work best with a fibre optic brush like the 159 that launched with this collection or the 187 / 188 or 131 due to the high shine of the MSFs in this collection

NOTE: Avoid using on areas with large open / blemishes, as the frostiness in these MSFs might emphasize them.
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