0 YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick in #27 Fuschia Innocent

As much as I love my MAC, there comes a time / point when u want to venture out to try products from other brands. After all, I believe that every brands have their hits and misses, and if u don't try you will never know. I am not really the kind that will insist to have the whole cosmetics collection just MAC only as if I were to do that, I would be missing out A LOT.

 Anyway, to cut short, I've started using some YSL productsfor a few mths e.g. their le teint touche eclat foundation, skincare, nail polish and so far I've loved all of them. Being a bright pink lipstick fan, I decided to indulge myself in their hot sellin #27  (well at least the beauty advisor told me so) rouge pur couture lipstick. Here's the pics of the lipstick and how it looks on my lips.

Packaging : It comes in their usual gold chrome packaging with the YSL embossed label. It looks classy, but the only gripe i have with the gold chrome packaging is that it attracts fingerprints easily and I have to keep wiping to keep it look shiny XD

Color and Texture : I love hot pinks lipstick and so I love this hot pink as well. It is a pink which i can get away with wearing no make up or the bare minimum make up as it helps to brighten up my sallow complextion. Texture is creamy, smooth, non drying and doesn't emphasize the dryness of my lips. It kinda reminds me of MAC's amplifed creme texture, but more moisturising and lightweight on the lips

Price : Being a luxury brand, it's definitely on the high side. But I don't mind paying for quality products.

Overal, I would buy this lipstick again IF I EVER finish using it. It's a very wearable for everyday. It's bright but not too OTT. 
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