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Bought another 2 cream to powder blushers from Topshop (Pinch and High Five) and also a powder one in Pop

Pinch and High 5 are cream to powder blushers - and blends out very easily. They don't look as bright and scary as they look like in the pan after blending out the face. People with oily can skin can use these... It doesn't feel nor look oily at all. In fact the overall effect, if blended out well is pretty natural on the skin.

The only down side to Pinch and High 5 is that when I applied both on my face to compare the color with each other, they look almost identical to each other - pinkish red flush. So I would suggest that if u get pinch don't get high 5, and if u get high 5, don't get pinch cause they look almost the same on the face when applied.

Lasting power of Pinch n High 5
Is average when used by themselves..... hafta touch up after a few hours. Best used as a base for other blushers. 

I love Pop powder blush. It's a coral pink blush and i like to layer this over Topshop's cream blush in Neon orange to make it last longer. I always haf a soft spot for coral / orangey blushers. I find that they make me look more fresh as opposed to pinks. I'm Asian and NC20 for reference.

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