0 My Virgin Holika Holika mini haul

Met up with a friend today and while we were talkin bout make up, she talked about this blush with cat embossed on the powder from Holika Holika (a Korean cosmetic brand by the way). Being a blush addict, I was very curious to see how it looked like so immediately after that I made my way down to the nearest store to check out the colors.

I was indeed very attracted to the cat embossment and owl embossment on the blushers..... Even though I know that I probably won't use the blushers after I bought them, I still went ahead to buy. I like loving @ pretty things u know.

Color n Payoff
As for color payoff n texture, Midnight Owl (the owl one) seems to be more glittery n powdery (I swatched them in the store) than the other 2 i bought Hello Holika and Merry Holika although in general Holika Holika's blushers feel more powdery than the usual blush that I'm used to. Color payoff is sheer to med. And one can use different parts of the blushers for diff color.

I kinda like the packagin of the blushers... It gives me a very fairytale or magical kinda feel. U know what i mean, like Harry potter...

These are the pics of the products...

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