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Was never a bath n body person.... until recently when my ecezma kept giving me problems on the back the joints of my 2 knees. So I did some googling, and found out that to relieve and help soothe ecezmas problems, I ought to keep the affected area moisturized and dryness will only worsen the condition (which is very true, I rarely slab on body lotion on myself prior to this outbreak of ecezma on the back of my knee joints).

So I popped into a crabree and evelyn store and told the sales person that I had very sensitive dry skin and was suffering from ecezma and needed something to moisturize my body. So she recommended me the jojoba oil moisturising body lotion. I bought it on the spot.

I've been using it for a few days now, and I've to say this lotion really helps a lot. My skin is not so dry now.. and the ecezma areas feel way much better now - not as dry and flaky as before.

What I like most about this lotion is that unlike some other body lotions I have tried... this body lotion is very lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin quickly and does not feel sticky nor greasy at as some body lotions do. And I also like it that there's very little fragrance to this product so it does not get overpowering as some body products which lots of fragrance does to me

I googled the benefits of Jojoba oil and this is what I found: **
- It's non comoedogenic and non allergenic - it will not clog pores nor cause any allergic reactions.. (Yeah...very good for people with ecezma like me..)
- It does not cause a greasy feeling like other oils does (Maybe that's why the lotion feels so lightweight on my skin yeah?)
- It is anti-bacteria
- High content of vitamin E

**Source: www.thejojobaoil.com

Would recommend this to people who have sensitive skin like mine....I would repurchase this again when I finish this lotion. It's pretty effective on me.


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