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I missed the old old collection of LE colored paintpots, and prior to this, all the paintpots I had were only neutral shades such as Bare study, Rubenesque, Vintage Selection and Chilled on Ice. The only colored paintpot I had was Dangerous curvee from Cham Pale. So when I saw MAC was coming up with new LE paintpot shades that are NOT neutrals with posh Paradise, I decided to get all except Nubile ( which is a neutral).

I bought:

Pure Creation - A satiny blue (Love blues, this will be the perfect base for all my blue based e/s)

Hyper violet - A matte brownish plum (hmm, It will be tricky to wear this shade, but i will work this out ..)

Imaginary - A satin dark Bluish purple (Good as a base for dark purple shadows which I have difficulty in making them appear)

Treasure Hunt - A metallic gold (To be used sparingly for this as due to the texture n finish, I can foresee if I over apply this, it be a bit cakey on the lid. More yellow gold than Rubenesque which is more of a peachy gold. Kinda reminds me of MAC's LE gold dusk pigment but in Paintpot form)

Idyllic - A bronzey Brown ( Perfect with Treasure Hunt paintpot or other gold based e/s, won't wear it all over the eyelid on its own though...)

Half Wild - a matte Purple (Kinda reminds me of MUFE's purple aquacream in #19 the dark purple... another good base for purple smokey eyes)

Genuine Treasure - Glittery blue - brown (Kinda reminds me of MAC's blue brown pigment. This was one of the first to be sold out @ our local MAC counters. I can see why, cause it makes such a gorgeous party color. Glitters is kinda chunky in it though. So use sparingly for everyday. I do like to layer this a bit over e/s like Sumptious olive or greensmoke just to add slightly more glitter)

And without further ado... pics and swatches of the products... Pls click for enlarged pics

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