0 MAC's older LE collections in special packaging

Some pics of the stuff I bought from MAC's older LE collections in special packaging. Most people liked or raved about Hello Kitty the most, but as can seen by the no of items i bought in these collections...I bought from Barbie Loves MAC the most. I honestly found and still find that collection to be one of the best from MAC's LE collections. All the shades are just so wearable....

Without further ado here are pics.

Barbie Loves MAC <3 <3 <3 this collection.... especially the blush and beauty powders!

 Click for enlarged pic

What I bought: Sweet and Single lipstick, Style it up lipstick, Real doll lipstick, Happening gal lipglass, Malibu Barbie lipglass, Sweetness Lipglass, Fab blush, Don't be shy blush, Magic dust e/s, Moth brown e/s, Beautyburst e/s, Springtime skipper e/s, Perky e/s, Pearl Blossom BP, Pearl Sunshine BP

Star Product: Pearl blossom beauty powder and Pearl sunshine BP

Hello kitty .... Not much of a fan of Hello Kitty, So i didn't exactly went crazy over this collection as some people did.

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What I bought: Popster TLC, Pretty Baby BP, Fun and Games BP Blush, Tippy BP Blush, Cutester lipstick, Nice kitty lipglass, Mimmy Lipglass, Lucky Tom Palette, Hello Kitty Kouture mystery powder

Star product: Fun and Games beauty powder blush

Note: The Hello kitty kouture mystery powder casing can fit in a MAC pan blush just nice.... I bought this mainly for the packaging. The hello kitty on the casing is embossed with Swarovski crystals.

 Lure  I love the Aqua packaging of this collection and it has a pearly finish to its packagin.

 Click for enlarged pic

What I bought: Sea myth e/s, Mancatcher e/s, Waternymph e/s, Aquavert e/s, Maidenchant blushcreme, Lune blushcreme, Sex Ray Lipglass, Pink clash lipglass, Bait lipglass

Star product: All the four e/s (Very nice textures and color pay off)

Fafi  I actually like the illustration of the girl on the boxes, but I found the stickers on the e/s quad a bit tacky looking though...

  Click for enlarged pic

What I bought: Cult fave lipglass, Verve a cious irridiscent powder, Sassed up Irridiscent powder, Hipness blush, Fashion Frenzy blush, Fafi eyes 2 quad 

Star product: Hipness blush 
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