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Would like to share with u girls again some of my favourite make up looks from the magazines that I browse.... First 3 pics are taken past issues of this Taiwanese magazine called Nu Ren Wo Zui Da aka Queen Magazine

Look 1 : Purple / Pink / bronze look. I really like the combination of the colors in this monochromatic look.
 Click for enlarged pic

Look 2: Soft smokey brown look
 Click for enlarged pic

Look 3: Soft green look
Click for enlarged pic

Look 4: Yellow, orange and blue look .... I really love this contrasting color combi of e/s. If i had my way, I would so wear this look everyday. I love bright e/s colors
Hope this post will inspire u girls to play around with more colors of make up instead of just the usual neutrals. I believe everyone can wear colors, but just that you need to find out which color family, tone, tint or shade suits u most. Cheers!
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