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I only own 3 eyeshadow palettes by Urban Decay and they are the Alice in Wonderland palette, Book of Shadows III and the Summer2010 palette (Forgot what's the name :X excuse me) and I love them all. The texture of their e/s in these 3 palettes are all so smooth, silky and blendable and quality is definitely on par with MAC's Veluxe pearl / Satin e/s (with the exception of a few of the glittery e/s...even then I find that the glittery e/s in these palettes are still somewhat a tad more pigmented then some of MAC's lustre e/s like Forgery or Honeylust).

Without further ado, here is the picture of my Book of shadow III

I do understand that some girls dislike the  bulky packagin this particular Book of shadows (due to the special lighting which UD has inserted into it), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this packagin. I like the popout of the handdrawn New York city skyline which is illuminated by lights once u open it. Yeah, it's not very practical for the lights to be inserted, but that's what makes it special. I'm such a sucker for packaging.

I do not own BOS I or II so i cannot compare BOS III to them, but i do have the Alice in Wonderland palette and as compared to Alice in Wonderland palette (I will review the Alice in wonderland palette in my next post even though it's a LE item and might not be on the shelves anymore), this has more purples and greens than the Alice palette. The Alice palette has more neutral shades of shadows. As with the previous BOS, BOS III also comes with 2 mini size eyeliners and their much raved about eye primer potion. I would definitely agree with most people that UD's BOS are value for money. For SGD$88, you get 16 e/s colors AND 2 eyeliners AND an eye primer. That's cheaper than a drugstore brand e/s and not to mention the quality of e/s is excellent - Pigmented, Smooth and Very blendable

Click to enlarge swatch picture

At first side, Loaded kinda reminded me of MAC's club e/s, but on closer look, it's not similar to MAC's club e/s. MAC's club has more brownish undertones to it whereas Loaded has more green undertones to it. Loaded is excellent for the green smokey look. Minight Cowboy reminds me of MAC's retrospeck e/s - a champagne gold in color and similar in texture, but the glitters in this is definitely larger than MAC's retrospeck. 

 Click to enlarge swatch picture

Nothing but love for most of the colors in UD's BOS III. I especially love Haight, Radium and Kush since i'm a Sucker for blues and green e/s

In short, UD's BOS III is a very versatile and wearable palette which can create many looks from neutral everyday looks to bold and colorful looks and smokey looks. A must buy for any make up addict. Get your hands on it while stocks last as this is Limited edition.


Cydonian said...

Very nice! You and everyone else are making me want to ask for this for xmas 0:-)

makeupaddict said...

This is a VERY nice set. U should put it on ur wishlist your christmas. Value for money =)

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