0 Lunasol Nature Summer beige palette

To be honest, I am usually not a fan of brown or neutral e/s. This palette is about the only brown or neutral palette which I will ever wear. If u love shimmers and neutral eye colors, this is the IT palette for you. It was released with Lunasol's summer 2010 collection. The reason which I am only reviewing this Now is because I've been so caught up with MAC's LE collection that i have no time to review this.

Like most japanese e/s, the e/s in this palette is pretty shimmery, so if u are not a fan of shimmery e/s, stay away from this. But unlike most other japanese brands i've tried, the texture in this palette is smooth and silky. The shimmers are very fine and not big chunks of glitter. Color payoff is pretty decent for me - it's the kinda palette that u will never go wrong with as all the shades are all so wearable and easy to apply (not much blending needed. You will never worry about lookin bruised even with the dark brown in this palette). Highly recommended for fans of neutral colors and fans of shimmery e/s.


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