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I swear by this cleanse off oil. Although it's stated that the transparent one is meant for normal to oily skin and the green one is more for dry and sensitive skin, I've used both, and er honestly, I found no differences. Both are equally just as good in removing make up thoroughly.
Key ingredients: Wheat germ, Evening primrose, Olive, Jojoba oil & Vitamin E

1. No mineral oil = no clogged pores :P
2. Removes all stubborn waterproof make up with ease (yes, that include's MAC's liquidlast eyeliner which can be quite a chore to remove)
3. Leaves skin feeling refreshed, clean and smooth,  very gentle on the face
4. Quite reasonably priced

1. None. It's my holy grail cleansing oil and i will never change it.

The previous cleansing oil which i used from another brand (a japanese one) broke me out and i suspect it contained mineral oil.

How to use:
Pump 2 or 3 pumps ( I usually pump about 4 pumps to make sure that i have enough oil to remove all traces of make up from my face) onto dry hands and gently massage onto the face in circular motion to remove make up. For stubborn eye make up. pump some of the oil onto a cotton pad and leave it on the face eyes for a few seconds to dissolve the eye make up and gently wipe off.  Rinse off with water. Remember to double cleanse with your normal cleanser.

Although many people rave about shu uemura's cleansing oil, I am very hesitant in using it because it contains mineral oil and i am quite sensitive to mineral oil. Plus Shu's cleansing oil is exorbitantly expensive...even for a big bottle.  I'll stick to my good old MAC cleanse off oil


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