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Being a blush whore who collects MAC blushers, I bought both blushers Her Blooming Cheek and My Highland Honey. And yeah, they are kinda similar to other MAC blushers which I own... Sigh. I really do need to go on a blusher ban soon. I've close to almost 200 blushers - both MAC and non MAC.

Her blooming cheek, Azalea (a MAC pro blush color) and Full Fuschia do indeed look pretty similar in the pan, especially Her blooming cheek and Full Fuschia. But after swatched on hand, the differences in the 3  blushers can be seen. Her blooming cheek has more pink-purple undertones, Azalea more of pink undertones and Full Fuschia has the most significant red undertones in it. Then again, once applied on the cheeks, the differences wouldn't be obvious, so if you have one of the three, I would think that you need not buy the other 2. Unless u are a blush collector like i am. Hahah. U definitely need a VERY light hand with this or otherwise, use a stripping blush like the MAC 188 or 131 to apply.

When I first saw Highland honey in the pan, it reminded me of Tippy Beauty powder blush from MAC hello kitty collection, just that it has no shimmers. But when swatched, My highland Honey has a more powdery texture than Tippy BPB, and if you are on the tanned side, you might need several layers and a very dense blush brush like MAC's 129 brush for the color to appear on for your face. In order to get the color for it to appear on my hand in this pic, I had to swatch about 3 or 4 times to get the color to appear. It's a pretty color, but it definitely needs some work for it to appear.

Other than the blushers, I also got myself 2 lipsticks Cut a Caper and Full Fuschia plus a gloss from this collection, which i shall review and post swatches in the next post.


Anonymous said...

Full Fuchsia is a Frost; Rhubarb is a satin, but I've heard it wears matte (it's not shown here, but it's very similar to Azalea and Fuchsia in the Pro collection). Thank you for the swatches! I'm trying to pick between Azalea and Full Fuchsia, and the task is not easy, especially since they're both frost finishes. :(

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