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I wasn't planning on gettin anything from Tartan tale at first other than one of the brush sets (For the pouch)... But i was kinda attracted to the combination of colors in 2 of the palettes 6 Twists of Tartan and 6 Reelers and Rockers eye palettes. I love love love the tartan print packaging of this Holiday collection. In fact, I would have to say that the packaging for this holiday collection is the best ever packagin. . . .

Packaging of the 2 eyeshadow palettes - it has some sort of a classy feel about it.

The first time i set my eyes on this palette, i was instantly attracted to the 2 goldish shades in the palettes. I find this to be a pretty versatile palette. The following are just 2 tips for using this palette. Of course, there are many other ways to using this palette. It's all about playing around with the colors and placement of colors =) Generally, I love the textures of most of the eyeshadows in this palettes (4 colors are of the veluxe pearl textures!!! Smooth, pigmented  and blendable!).The only exception being Carbon e/s. I find it a tad chalky .....

 For a smokey look:
1. Use #1 as a base color
2. Apply #3 on the eyelid and slowly blend it upwards
3. Using MAC #217 or #275 brush, apply #6 jus below the brow bone and in the socket area to contour the eyes and blend the black shadow together
4. Use MAC #219 to apply #2 to the inner V of the eyes to brighten the eyes
5. Apply brow bone highlighter

For a day/neutral look:
1. Also use #1 as a base color
2. Apply #4 all over the lid
3. Apply #6 on the outer 1/3 lid and blending it inwards and upwards
4, Apply #5 on the inner corner of the eye and lower lash line
5. Finish off with brow bone highlighter...

Comments on the individual e/s
White Rabbit: A nice basic base color but easily dupeable
Melt my Heart: Kinda reminds me of MAC's electra e/s but just a tad more silvery. Electra has more blue undertones in it. Great texture and pigmentation
Carbon: Never did like Carbon e/s. It's pretty chalky to me
Family Treasures: Love love love this color and texture. Reminds me a bit of MAC's goldmine e/s just that goldmine has more orange undertones to it. Definitely different enough from goldmine e/s to own both e/s
Gaelic gold: I also love this color and texture.Hmmm can't think of anything that's close to this color though. Definitely a must have shade if u like goldy kinda shadows like me
Crown & Sceptre: Reminds me a bit of coppering e/s... I do like it. But it's not terribly unique though.

All in all, I love this palette for the combination of colors even though some colors are not unique. I cannot be luggin my MAC 15 pan palettes every time i go out or travel. This is a useful palette to have. Well, at least for me.

I am usually a sucker for palettes with interesting combination of colors (I didn't purchase the purple palette and the brown palette cause they were like very common..and every christmas, MAC is bound to release a purple and and a brown palette and i think i have more than enough purple and  brown shadows to last me a lifetime. However, if u are new to MAC, I do think it's worth gettin the holiday set as a start. They are value for money). Here was what i did with this palette:

1. Apply #1 as the base color all over the lid
2. Apply #2 up to the socket area and slowly blending it out
3. Apply #3 on the crease area
4. Apply #6 on the outer 1/3 corner of the eye and outer v of the eye
5. Apply #4 as a eye contour color on the socket
6. Apply #5 as a lower lash line color

It is POSSIBLE to use all the colors at one time... =) I am loving this palette especially the #3 green eyeshadow

Comments on the individual eyeshadows:
Lady's Prance: It's slightly greyish when applied...very unique color, but i won't recommend it to be worn alone. Definitely to be used in combination with other colors
Rolled Gold: Reminds me of sumptious olive, but sumptious olive has more brown undertones in it.
High spirits: Love love love this green. Great color payoff and texture. Doesn't look similar to MAC's swimming e/s if u are wondering. This is a tad brighter than MAC's swimming e/s and is definitely easier to work with.
Vainglorious: Nice texture and color payoff. Easy to blend
Set to Dance: A bit on the chalky side...but still workable
Bows & Curtseys: I like pairing this with high spirits and roll gold to give a semi green smokey look

Well, that's it for now....... Happy Holidays to all =)


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