0 MAC peach-brown blushers

Here's just a quick post on the comparison pic and swatch of the peach-brown blushers that I own. 

Tenderling: Mostly peach tones, but also has just a tiny hint of pink undertones. Excellent for fair skinned people or people who wants just the tiniest hint of color in their face

Garb: Goes on more peachy than Tenderling but less peach/orange than Peaches. (This is a Limited edition shade from Pret A Papier collection)

Personal Style: Leaning towards the brown side, but still gives a pretty natural flush on the cheeks when applied. 

 Sincere: Looks really similar to Gingerly in the pan. But it has less reddish undertones than Gingerly. Both are of the same textures...sheertones. MAC Sheertone blushers go on lighter than in the pan and color pigmentation can be buillt up.

Gingerly: A slightly redder version of Sincere, recommended more for medium to tanned skins. Fair skin would do better with Sincere. 

Coppertone: Definitely a reddish brown shade. Being a Matte blush, it's extremely pigmented. Do apply with a light hand for this blush especially if u are leaning towards the fair side. 


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