0 OPI nail polishes in Glitzerland and Catch me In Your Net

I am usually not a nail polish person, but recently while window shopping at Sephora, I decided to play around with some of the OPI colors there. And boy, I instantly fell in love with the wide range of colors and quality of OPI nail polishes. I swatched a no of colors on my nails and spent a long time in deciding which colors to get, but oh well these were 2 of the colors which I bought after much deliberation (Too many colors to choose from!). Lemming for more OPI nail polishes now!

I really like the champagne gold color of Glitzerland, It's something which is not too loud, but yet simple and classy. And also when and if it chips off, the chips will not be as obvious as other colors.

Loving this shimmery turqoise/teal color from OPI. If i'm not wrong, i think this is a Limited edition shade from their 2010 collection


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