0 MAC face and body foundation

Recently just bought this foundation from MAC called the face and body foundation.

Yeah, so basically it's a REALLY REALLY sheer foundation that is so lightweight that u don't feel like you are wearing foundation on the face

And also because it's a really sheer foundation, I would only recommend this to people with normal skin who don't need much coverage and also with normal to dry skin. In fact when i compared this to my MAC select tint (a tinted moisturizer) which i have previously used, it's even lighter than that.

No complains about this product as it evens out my skintone nicely. But for people who are looking for coverage, this is definitely NOT the foundation as its coverage is pretty sheer. Recommended to people with who do not need coverage. Finish is smooth and lightweight. 

And yep, since this is a face AND body foundation, u can use this over your body as well. It comes in a pretty big bottle of 120ml... And unless you are using this for the body as well, one bottle of this can last a pretty long time. Damage: S$58

Edited: I have been using this everyday for a few days now together with my MUFE translucent setting powder and I love love love the sheer, flawless and smooth look this liquid foundation gives. Feel so lightweight on my skin. My new Holy Grail now!


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