0 Lunasol Fall/Winter 2010 make up collection

I'm not really a big fan of Japanese brand make up in general as personally speaking, I find most of their e/s to contain OTT (Over The Top) shimmer with very very sheer color payoff. 

Although Lunasol (It's under Kanebo Cosmetics for those who do not know) eyeshadows are sheer as compared to western cosmetic brands, but the colors are still buildable and pretty good for a japanese brand. Plus, the shimmers in the eyeshadow palettes are SHIMMERS and NOT glitters. There's a big big difference btw Shimmers and glitters. I like shimmers, but i don't like glitters! LOL. Generally, I prefer brands such as MAC or MUFE for their pigmented eyeshadows, but when i want to go for a more soft look, i would still reach out for my Lunasol palettes...especially on lazy days when i'm too lazy to blend e/s colors. Lunasol e/s palettes are really a breeze to blend even for make up beginners.

Downside is that, their e/s palettes are really expensive :X 77 SGD for one e/s palette.

Anyway back to their latest Fall / Winter collection, I bought all 5 e/s aurorized eye palettes  and 3 of the lipsticks...and without much further ado..here are the pics and swatches!

Aurorized Eyes series eye palettes



For Japanese brand lipsticks, I would recommend that if u have VERY pigmented lips, either u conceal your original lip color with a concealer / foundation otherwise, go for other brands like MAC which has much more pigmented lipsticks.  To be honest, I generally find that Japanese brand cosmetics (except Shu Uemura)  lippies to be really sheer although they are highly moisturizing for the lips. The same goes for Lunasol lippies. It almost feel like you are wearing a lipgloss in a tube form. Actually once u have bought a few colors,  I don't think u need to buy the rest anyway, cause they are so sheer until they look almost all the same on the lips... I only bought 3 colors from the collection, but i think they look almost all the same on my lips! OMG.. lol but yes they are very moisturizing n GLOSSY.

Damage: SGD 46 per lipstick . . . . . Splurge only if u have too much cash to spare. LOL!

MAC lustre lipsticks give the same glossy effect and are much cheaper... and not to mention their range of colors is much wider. If u are on a budget, but yet want a moisturizing and GLOSSY lipstick, u can try MAC lustre lipsticks.


The finish of the blushers are of sheer soft satin finishes with some subtle shimmers in them. Each blush comes with 3 different shades in the pan, the darkest being the cheek color and the lightest being the highlighting color. U can also choose to swirl and mix the colors together.


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