0 MUFE Kabuki Brush

I swear by this Kabuki brush.
It's the softest ever brush i've ever used. Honestly, when i first saw it at the local Sephora store, my reaction was like wth... SGD$84 for a brush?? But i decided to give it a try anyway, since at that time i didn't own any kabuki brushes (unless u count the mini 181 SE brush as one). So i bought it, and ever since i've been using this EVERY single day without fail for my loose powders, powder foundation and MAC MSFN. It buffs the powder nicely and evenly into the skin giving a very even and flawless finish. Most importantly, it remains soft after multiple washes and has not yet shed a single hair on me. (I have this brush with me for almost a year now). For those who are curious what's this kabuki made of...yeah it's synthetic...but it works really really well in pickin up the powders. My Holy Grail powder brush. Oh and it comes with a small cute pouch which is really helpful for travelling so that the brush will not get damaged. =) 
Highly recommended!!! MUST buy


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