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Well, I promised myself to go on a make up ban, but as usual, I couldn't resist buying something items from MAC fall / winter collection - Fabulous Felines. Being the eyeshadow and blush junkie that i am, I got myself 2 quads & Leopard Luxe quad) and 2 blushers (Pet Me & Utterly Game mineralize blush) from this collection. Here are pics and swatches of the items...

Burmese Beauty Quad

Burmese beauty is my favourite quad out of the 3 quads from the collection that I own. I find this quad to be a very versatile quad that can be worn both for day and night. 

For day wear, I would jus use prized e/s all over the lid and Skintone 2 closest to the lashline up to the socket area using Showstopper as a light contour for the socket area.

For night,i would just pack on more Showstopper on the crease area and Burmese beauty e/s to make it into a smokey look.

The textures of the e/s for this quad is also superb - very smooth and blendable. Color pay off is excellent as u can see from the swatch.

Although Burmese beauty may look similar in pan to a MAC regular e/s Club, but no, they are not similar. Club e/s has more green undertones to it, where as for burmese beauty e/s it has a noticeably more red undertone to it.     

Leopard Luxe Quad

This quad has 2 orange under tone e/s in it - Wild by nature and Style Predator. If u are not a fan of orange e/s, I honestly think this may not be your cuppa tea as Wild by nature  and Style Predator can appear to be pretty orangy if used with a heavy hand. 

Wild by nature kinda reminds me of MAC's regular e/s in ricepaper except that Wild by nature is tad more yellowish beige than ricepaper.. As for Style Predator, it kinda reminds me of MAC goldmine e/s except that gold mine has more yellow undertones in it and style predator is well...more orange. 

Palace Pedigreed quad

At first sight, I was very much reminded of the purple quad from MAC'S Spring Color forecast earlier this year. The only difference being is the Russian blue e/s included in this quad.... I do find the colors of the e/s in this quad slightly more chalkier (esp for Russian Blue) and harder to blend. And even the lightest color in the quad, Courtly, I feel is not light enough to be used as a base color. In fact, over applyin Courtly on the whole eye might even make the eyes look sore. 

Definitely not my favourite quad from this collection. It's stiill wearable, but the colors in this quad may be a bit challenging for make up beginners 

Mineralized blushers


Being a sucker for blushers, I absolutely adore Pet Me and Utterly Game mineralize blushers from this collection. Unlike the past collections where MAC's mineralized blushers were mostly shimmery, the mineralized blushers in this collection is distinctively more matte than their earlier counterparts. Texture of the 2 blushers is also finely milled and color pay off excellent. Well, i'm glad that MAC has finally released matte mineralized blushers for people who likes mineralized cosmetics, but hate shimmers/glitters in their color makeup. Kudos to MAC.


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