4 MAC Pink lipsticks

Not a Big fan of bubble gum pink lipsticks as i feel that i need to complement my whole make up jus to match the pink. I am asian and although i'm considered quite fair, I have a lot of yellow undertones which makes it difficult for me to choose the perfect shade of pink. Nevertheless, i still own a couple of pinks from MAC. 

I personally feel the more wearable ones for Asian skin are Lovelorn, Hot Gossip, creme cup, Hue and Plink.I find Gaga and Real doll has too much blue undertones to it to look "Natural" on Asian skins. Those 2 lipsticks definitely has to be WORN with make up. Otherwise, yeah it can look kinda odd on Asian skins

Yeah I only own like 8 pink lipsticks from MAC...as Yeah..I'm not a pink lip person and yes...i'm not a lip person in general. Here are the 8 pink lippies which i own from mac : Plink!, Hue, High Tea, Please Me, Lovelorn, Creme Cup, Gaga and real doll.

I would not recommend Plink! hue or high tea to people with pigmented lips as the colors are really sheer and require layering in order for the color to appear. Best recommended to conceal the lips before applying Plink!, hue and high tea. . .MAC's lustre and glaze lip formulas are moisturizing for the lips but they appear more sheer than in the tube. And if u like a glossy finish, you would probably like the lustres and Glazes.

I personally actually quite like Please Me lipstick. It's one pink which i feel has more warm undertones and which i can actually WEAR...without looking too fake or odd like gaga or real doll. and Yes, it's a matte, and it' very pigmented. Note though, Matte lippies can be a tad drying so pls moisturize your lips really well with a lip balm before applyin. But the color payoff  and staying power is excellent as compared to other textures. 

Nuff of me typing and typing... Here are pics of the lippies

Lovelorn (lustre), Creme cup, Gaga and Real Doll lipsticks
Plink!, Hue, High Tea and Please Me lipsticks
Being a lustre formula, Plink! appears more as a sheer wash of light glossy pink on the lips by itself.
An excellent nude pink shade if u are looking for nudish pink lipsticks
Not exactly pink, but somewhere along the lines of pinkish brown. I like this as a sheer wash of color on my lips for the natural look. And i really like the lustre finish of MAC lipsticks,even though some people might find the color too sheer.

I hardly wear Matte lipsticks, But this and Honeylove, also from MAC are the rare ones which i do wear.
I would say that Lovelorn lipstick is one of my favourite pink lipsticks from MAC. It's not as sheer as some of the other lustre forumla lipsticks and it's not overly cool toned for people with warmer skintones like myself.
My all time favourite baby pink lipstick from MAC. The cremesheen formula means that it is creamy, moisturizing for the lips and with a highly pigmented and glossy finish. It's something like the creamier and more pigmented version of MAC's lustre lipsticks
BAH! I hate how this looks on me. It's WAY too cool on my really YELLOW skin tone. Just bought it for collection sake...
This was Limited edition from the Barbie Loves MAC collection. I can't say that i'm thrilled with this lipstick either as ever since i bought this i have only actually worn this out for like 2 or 3 times. :X

Finally, swatches of the 8 pink lip colours on my hand (click to enlarge)

Last but not least, pls note that lipstick shades varies from person to person. It also depends on the pigmentation of the natural lip color of the individual, so pls always try to get the colors tested at the color :P One man's meat may be another's poison and vice versa. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

you should put your lipstick on with a brush for the purpose of the picture cause they look really sloppy.

Makeupaddict said...

Thanks for feedback. Will do that the next time when i'm doin lip swatches on lips..... :)

kiwibewwy said...

WOW this is an old post and I found it on google when searching for MAC lipsticks.. I apologize for the person's comment!! These swatches are great :) Thank you so so much for posting them :)

Silvia Jacinto said...

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