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In place of the old blushcremes which they dced earlier, MAC has replaced with a new formula and new range of cream blushers called the cremeblend blushers which is of the same formula as the ones released with LE collection Mac in Lilyland last year.

MAC addicts and blush addicts both alike will be pleased that this collection is permanent. However, unfortunately, they didn't bring back the brights from Lilyland such as optimistic orange, joie d vivre and Florida in this collection. The only creme blend blush made permanent from the Lilyland collection was the light pink cremeblend blush in So Sweet So easy.

Although there's a cremeblend blush that's called Ladyblush (same name as one of the blushcreme), but i can also swear the color is different. Even though I don't own the old Ladyblush blushcreme, but i've swatched it before @ the counter and it was more red than the current one. Nevertheless, the current Ladyblush cremeblend blush is also a very nice and wearable color.

What I like about the new formula of the cream blush is that they are much more blendable than the old blushcremes which were thicker and needed more effort to blend into the skin. The texture of these new blushcremes are excellent and are not oily @ all which means even girls with oily skin can wear them too.

I personally love cream blushers as they are more natural lookin than powder blushers, but alas as they are cream based, the shelf life is shorter than powder blushers, so I tend not to buy too much of cream blushers.

Click for enlarged pic. From left to right: Ladyblush, Something Special, Brit Wit

Click for enlarged pic. From left to right: Ladyblush, Something special, Brit Wit

Ladyblush:  More of a neutral orangey pink shade with peach undertones. skin tones. Excellent for daily wear

Something special: More pinkish than ladyblush, but also with peach undertones. it reminds me of the creme form of dainty mac mineralized blush. 

Brit Wit: Almost like the creme form of blush baby (a pink brown shade), but darker and with some slight plum undertones. Ladies with fair skin have to be light handed with this. It's somewhere in between the color blush baby and plum foolery

In short, this new regular range of blushcremes consist of mostly neutral colors that are excellent for everyday wear (There's also Posey and Tea Petal which I haven't bought and so am unable to review). However, I would like to see MAC add brighter colors to this range such as those that were released with Lilyland.
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