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Admittedly, my blog is mostly about reviews of make up products and swatches, but once in a while I would also like to share some make up knowledge and tips with you.

These are to be used to before foundation and concealers. Their main function is to even out specific skin tone problem e.g. rednness or sallowness. They help to correct specific skin tone problems when foundation is not enough.

Each warm color has a complementary cold color and vice versa. (Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel)

Colors work in opposition to one another:

Blue <----> Orange
Lilac <----> Yellow (Therefore, you notice that a purple base is always used to brighten up a dull sallow complexion. And Purple bases are extremely popular in Asia where most asians tend to have yellow skintones)
Green <---> Red

Note: The basic rules of color cannot apply to very very dark skintones since colors change when applied to dark skin - turn ashy

Types of Color correctors:
1. Green - To counteract any reddness that might be caused due to sensitivity or flushing, pimples and sun burn. it also helps to conceal tiny broken blood vessels

2. Lavendar / purple - Brighten up yellowish salllowness complexion e.g. tired skin

3. Alabaster (sometimes come in pale yellow or lime yellow: to correct any brown imperfections such as freckles and pigmentation and brown shadows under the eyes

4. Orange / Peach - Conceal minor dark shadows under eyes due to not enough slp and pigment stain

5. Pink - Correct blue / purple undertone e.g. hereditary dark circles under the eyes and bruises with blue and purplish vein

=> Therefore u notice that MAC has 2 types of concealers, NC and NW (Pink), the NW is usually used for correcting the color of the dark undereye circles, before using the NC which is usually a lighter shade to brighten the eye area. Many people often mistaken that using a concealer is enough. But when the dark undereye areas are serious, concealers themselves may not be sufficient to cover and a color corrector is needed to correct the darkness before the concealer. But if the darkness is not too serious, a concealer is more than sufficent to do the job of concealing.

6. White - Conteract uneven skin textures, correct uneven skin tone and pigment (e.g. mature skin) or used as highlighter or mixed with foundation for a lighter shade

Next time, you see make up brands such as MUFE selling color corrector palettes which consist of 5 colors, you will know what to do which each colors :P Hope the above helps for those who are still new to make up :P

Note: Only apply the corrector to affected areas, do NOT apply on the whole face like a foundation.
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