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The only pc of cosmetic that I own from YSL is its ever so famous Touche eclat in the shade no 2 (a pale beige-pink shade). I bought it after hearing raves about it from several of my friends.

Contrary to what many people think, the touche eclat is NOT a concealer. In fact, I would say it is more of a pen highlighter than a concealer. If u are expecting coverage from the touche eclat, you will be disappointed. Cause it does not really cover dark under eyes nor blemishes.

But it does a wonderful job of highlighting the cheek bones and T-zone areas. And is excellent for brightening the under eye area (to be used after a proper concealer of course. Sometimes using a concealer may be able to conceal the darkness, but the area still looks flat after concealer. In that case, you may use the touche eclat over it to brighten up the under eye so as to look mroe fresh and awake). There's a huge difference between brightening and concealing...and many people are still unable to differentiate between the 2. Hence many people that I know of still have this thinkin that the YSL touche eclat is a pen concealer but it is not. It is a PEN HIGHLIGHTER  NOT a concealer.

YSL Touche eclat is such a success that other brands such as MAC are also coming out with their own pen highlighters as well.

1. It comes in a pen form and product can be dispensed by clicking a small button on top of the pen
2. It has firm, flat brush tip for applying the product.

Tips for applying the product:
1. Using the brush, dot it on the cheek bone area or on the high planes of the face and slowly blend it out by dabbing it the product out with your fingers

1. Can be used over powder without becoming cakey or uneven
2. Gives a more natural brightening effect than powder highlighters
3. Very blendable
4. No shimmers in the product, so it won't make the face look shiny or oily.

I love this product so much that I cannot find any faults or flaw with this product. Of course if u use it as a concealer, you might be disappointed cause it has little or no coverage as it's not meant to be used as a concealer

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