0 MAC Venomous Villains part III - Lipglosses

Continued from the previous post... (Many apologies for the lack of updates as i'm currently having some problems with the internet connection on my own PC)

Pictures and swatches of the lipglosses from venomous Villains..

Strange Potion lipglass If u are a coral sorta person like me, you will like the color of this gloss. It's pigmented and applies smoothly and evenly. Shimmers are relatively subtle as compared to Devilishly Stylish.

Devlishly Stylish: Looks peachy in the tube, but comes out pretty sheer on the lips, with shimmers that are more obvious than its counterpart Strange potion.

Revenge Is Sweet: Looks really dark and purple in the tube but when applied, it turns into a nice sheer pinkish-fuschia kinda gloss. Definitely not as pigmented as it looks like in the tube. Reminds me a little of She Booms! Lipgelee from C-shock collection launched donkey yrs ago. hee hee

From left to right: Strange potion, Devilishly Stylish, Revenge is Sweet lipglass


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