0 MAC Venomous Villains part II - Lipstuff

From Left to Right: Innocence Beware, Violetta, Toxic Tale and Heartless. Click to enlarge

Reminds me a lot of MAC's hue lipstick when i first saw it, (refer to last picture for comparison swatch), just that it's just slightly more pinky peach than Hue lipstick

If Rebel Lipstick (Berry color) and Show Orchid (Bright Fuschia with blue undertone) had a Baby, this would be the color. Being an amplified creme, Violetta is pigmented, creamy and smooth with satin like finish. Suitable for both people with both fair and tanned skins

My favourite color from this collection. It's texture is so smooth and creamy (unlike some of other MAC's satin finishes i've tried) that I almost thought it was an amplified cream. I'm totally in love with this coral red color. It's the perfect face brightening coral lippie for me. Many have compared this to Vegas volt (an amplified creme), but they are not really similar, Vegas volt has slightly more orange undertones than toxic tale. (Refer to last pic for comparison swatch).

Honestly speaking, I don't like red lipsticks on me. But this red lipstick is still wearableto me and i like it better when i dab it out with fingers leaving a red stain on my lips. It's not the really bright one like Ruby Woo or Russian Red which nobody will ever catch me dead in.

Comparison swatches


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