One of my friends who is a fan of lip products had been raving to me about Chanel's lip products for a long long time, but I didn't care for lip products so I didn't get it any only recently. So what made me buy it? Hmm. I would say this is more of an impulse buy ya, but when i did like the color of it in the tube and when i tested it on my hand.

It seems like as with other brands, Chanel has a few range of glosses too. The one that I bought belongs to the Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss range (Pure Shine Intense Color Long Wear Lip Gloss). On Chanel's website, this range is described as

- offer the shine of a gloss and the colour intensity of a lipstick.
- presence of very finely ground mother-of-pearl helps intensify colour and light reflection with no pearly effect.
-  Shea butter and a canola oil derivative provide a sensation of well-being, while a Vitamin E derivative protects the lips.
My Review of #54 Liberte (Sorry I don't know french so i can't translate the name into English :X)

- Love the lightweight and moisturising texture of this gloss
- Gives a very nice glossy peachy pink finish to the lips (It's the perfect natural peachy pink on me)
- Non sticky
- I love the applicator that comes with it. Very soft and deposits the right amount of product onto the lips
- Generous amount of product = 10.8g to be exact

- Er as with most glosses, it has to be touched up now and then. Well, this is to be expected of all glosses anway, If you do not want to touch up often, go for lipstick
- Not very pigmented (Not much of an issue for me - I can either go sheer or pigmented for lipcolors)
- Opaque packaging - I HATE the opaque packaging. I CANNOT see how much is left in the tube. I wish they made the tube transparent
- Pricey (not much of an issue for me as long as the quality is there)

Conclusion? Would repurchase this again, as it's really moisturizing on my lips and deposits just the right amount of color on my lips. It's the kinda product that i would wear on both my "no make up days" and "make up days".


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