0 MAC regular mineralized blushers

Currently, MAC has 6 mineralized blushers in its permanent range - Dainty, Gentle, Love thing, Gleeful, Warm soul and Love Joy. Out of the 6 blushers, I own have 5. I first bought these from the Sonic Chic collection. They were first released as limited edition items (together with 3 other mineralized blushers in Pleasantry, Nuance and Merrily which were excellent but alas MAC didn't decide to make those permanent)but later made regular due to the popularity and increasing demand for mineral make up.

Although MAC has since released many other mineralized blushers, I still find that the original colors MAC released has the best texture and color payoff. Some of the LE mineralized blushers which were in duos or in swired texture were kinda glittery.. (Think glittery and Not shimmery...) for everyday wear. Although the regular MBs may look kinda shimmery when swatched on the hand, but the shimmers are actually very subtle when applied on the face and no where as shimmery when swatched on the hands.

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Dainty - Peachy pink in pan and when swatched. This is my all time favourite mineralized blush. It works for many skintones from fair to medium-tanned skins, though on tanned skins it may take more work for it to show out.

Gentle - A muavy pink blush that looks similar to Coygirl blush in the regular collection but minus the shimmers. Works on all skintones. Pale skin ladies have to be light handed with this one as it's pretty pigmented

Love Thing - Has a lot of Red undertones to it. More recommended for people with darker complexions.

Gleeful - Looks beautiful on darker skinned ladies, But fair skinned ladies can still wear this abeit with a very very light hand. Has some tone of reddish brown to it. Not as dark as Love Thing

Warm Soul - A beautiful neutral toned blush. Good for nude make up. Shows up more on fair skined ladies. Medium to darker skin tones can use this as a highlighting powder on the face


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