0 MAC Playland haul

When i first saw promotional pics for this collection, I knew I had to get most of the lipsticks and the 3 casual cheek and lip colours. I was naturally drawn to the pinks and coral lippies in this collections . I ended up getting the following

Enjoy It all lipstick  - Amplified creme (Exclusive to Asia only)
Happy go lucky - Amplifed creme
Sweet experience - Amplified creme
Toying around - Amplifed creme
Head in the clouds - Frost
Red Balloon - Amplied creme

Lots of laughs Lipglass
Pure Silliness Lipglass

Hi Jinx Casual colour lip and cheek colour
For your amusement Casual colour lip and cheek colour
Young at heart Casual colour lip and cheek colour.

Overall, I am loving everything that I bought ..with the exception of perhaps Sweet experience lipstick. Unlike the other amplified creme lipsticks in this collection which went on smoothly on my lips, this went on patchy on me with or without a lip primer and emphasized on the flakiness of my lips even more that I had to use a lots of laugh lipglass over it :( Alas it was a nice bubblegum peachy pink though.  This is a pic of me wearing For your Amusement casual colour (on cheeks), Sweet experience lipstick and lots of laugh lipglass.

Alhough Happy go lucky and Enjoy it all lipstick look very different in the tubes, when i wore them on, they do look quite similar (Enjoy it all is just a tad more muavey-purplish than Happy go lucky). Nevertheless I do like both of this colours as well. 

Toying around is the gem in this collection... a beautiful coral which I feel all skintones can carry off. It was no wonder that this was the first one to fly off the shelves at my local counters

Head in the clouds is the only frost finish lipstick in this collection... and unlike some of MAC other frost finish lippies which can be a tad drying n patchy on me , this is surprising smooth and creamy to apply. Thumbs up. 

Red Balloon kinda reminds me of MAC's All fired up lipstick which is a retro matte finish in terms of colour that both are red with pink undertones to it whilst Red balloon is an amplified and more creamy finish, more wearable for daily wear although it is still a bright colour. I love this colour as well

Unfortunately I haven't had the time to take swatches of the lipglosses and casual colour on colours myself (other than Young amusement casual colour), but I would have to say i am loving the colors of both the lipglasses i bought. They are a perfect match with the lipsticks that i bought.

As for the casual colours, I prefer to use them as cream blush on the cheeks as they give such a nice dewy flush of colour on the cheeks ( My favourite of the three is For your Amusement). I tried using them on the lips, but i felt they were a bit drying on my lips, so i will just stick to using the casual colour just on my cheeks for that healthy dewy flush of colours on the cheeks. Just like any other cream blushers, i use either my 187 stippling brush to apply or just my good old fingers to dab out and blend. Both ways work equally well for me, sometimes i use a combination of both the brush and fingers.

All in all i would rate this collection a 4.5/5 (-0.5 becoz of sweet experience). A very good Spring collection from MAC. 

Thanks for reading!

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